About IDdesigns

IDdesigns exists since October 2006. Main products in SL were clothes, hot tubs & fountains. In partnership with a friend I ran the  ‘Made in Germany Mall’. Was fun. Later in partnership with an animator, I started the brand ‘Secret Pleasures’ with products for adults.  It was a great time but also a time when I worked 10-12 hours daily to create new products and for the customer support.  After my business partner left SL, I closed the stores and took a break of around 2 years. Back in 2011 I started over in Avination.

Now IDdesigns is mainly Footwear for men and women. But I build this and that depending what I enjoy at that moment.

Why in Opensims and not in SL?
Creating is not to pay my real life costs, but to pay for the land and services and to buy new materials. Every grid has pros and cons. While in SL there is a wide market which makes it easier to purchase materials and tools needed, but the land costs are very high. That means that one has to work harder and produce much more to pay for the land and to make a profit. In opensims commercial grids do not have a big population, therefore there are not many customers, but the land prices are affordable.  And citizen appreciate that a creator brings content to opensim grids. From my experience life is more relaxer in OS grids. People are layed back and take the time to talk, to help others and to create just for fun. I have met many who started to build since they are in opensims.

After 2 years in opensims I can say that even though I spend at times 60% of my time fixing bugs, repairing bugged items and trying to find a solution to be able to make a product (limited by scripts not running or features not implemented) I still run my store in Avination and have opened more in different grids.  Because if something is frustrating me or if I don’t find a solution to fix a bug, I simply spend some days doing nothing at all. There is no pressure to must earn 295 US$ monthly to not lose my region.

Besides the above, I love in opensims the chats with men. In SL I made the experience that those men I met were expecting either sex or romance from me. Not that I wouldn’t be able to say no, but it was pity that they moved away as soon they didn’t get what they were dreaming of. I’m not saying that it is in general this way. What I am saying it’s that for me in opensims it’s more like in real life. No masters with slaves kneeling in front of their feet in stores where I go shopping (that hurts my understanding that a woman is equal to the man), no vampirs asking me 100 times if they can bite me.

And yes, when I am ready for it, I will probably somewhen in the future bring my products to SL as it has the biggest market around. It was nice to earn the money from my sales to pay the ticket to fly to my mom in Latin America. But I still hesitate, because when I visited her I was so burned out from the many hours working, that I really needed the relaxing time with her 🙂

Time will tell.

Find IDdesigns Stores here:

Kitely: http://www.kitely.com/
purchase exportable to use in other grids
Permissions on my items are either copy only or modify and copy

Avination: https://www.avination.com/
Inworldz: http://inworldz.com/



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