Princess with car paint sprayed shoes

A friend once said “why do women buy SO many shoes?? They got only 2 feet” and he was serious about it. MEN! lol

Working on the newest shoes for men, an old story came to my mind again. A funny one. I was around 16 years old and had a ball at my school. My mom and I went shopping and got a new dress for me, but she said that the dress had been so expensive that I must wear my black pumps. What? no way! I thought and went to my dad to winne. Bad luck he didn’t give me money for the shoes either.

My dad had a cars garage and 2 young guys in my age were learning the job with him. I waited until my father left the garage to go to one of the guys, who I know liked me a lot. And asked him if he would spray my black pumps with silver car paint. He did. Ohmei looked my shoes great!

Craig, my date, came to pick me up looking extremly handsome with his white tux jacket.  I felt like a princess with my brand new silver shoes. The evening could have been perfect, if I had not noticed while dancing with Craig that my wonderful silver shoes were losing the paint. OMG if he saw my shoes, that would have caused me a heartattack lol so I ran in the toilett and didn’t come out until it was time to go home haha ya, ya I know “Women!!”

So guys today for your TWO feet here some new formal shoes, just released in Avination, Olantica, Island Oasis and soon in Haven Grid.

men zurich shoes alpha

AD zurich grey


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