Mix and Match for Men & boots VIP Gift for Men

Three weeks ago as I started to work in making men clothing, a friend who saw this said:

he.. “For guys?

me.. “Yes, I’ve seen that many men visit my store and some ask me, if I make clothing for men too”.

he.. “hmm what I am wearing it’s the outfit I got 2 years ago, as I started in SL. I spend my time building and don’t care about clothes lol lol”

And in a group chat in SL I heard someone asking “why is that men are so bad customers?” (or something similar. I forgot the exact wording) And some answered that most men are not different than in RL and wait until their wife or girlfriend goes shopping for them haha

Though I want to find out myself and have made many clothes for the guys. Maybe they don’t like much to teleport around looking for the right outfit. And when they have found the usual complete outfit (shirt, pants, jacket, eventually shoes too) then they are set and wear it until the end of their days haha

An experiment, which is not new, but for me is new because I’ve never made anything for men. A Mix and Match Corner for Men. I have made many pants, shirts jackets, t-shirts and tanks. And for each piece I have made a demo. The intention behind it’s maybe will guys mix themselves what they like? Maybe they will come again to buy another shirt or a new tank? We will see.

The prices are low to make it cheaper than a complete outfit. I’m excited and curious to find out how men will react. And if they keep returning, I will add more pieces, more styles and I will try to keep their attention alive. So the theory *lol*

Starting with Island Oasis, soon they will be in my other main stores in Avination, Inworldz, Olantica and Haven.


AD mix and match examples1


Group Only Gift for Men

AD jaruc boots brown 700x700


Just released for the Girlz

AD amber boots black 750x750


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