IDdesigns is Back to Virtuality

After a very long break, I am back to virtuality and have started to open my main store in Inworldz. 7 days of hard work from 7am until 2am. I wanted to be very sure that the products are still working and fine before I set them in my store. Seems to me inworldz has made some changes to the script engine. As usual the inworldz members were so kind to me when looking for information. Thanks so much 🙂

The store is here: https://inworldz/region/Tiger%20Rose%20Island/211/201/23

And it is almost done! Most of the products are up now. I brought new very hot boots for men and women. For bikers but also suitable to role playing members: goth, vampir, combat. Here some pictures.

AD bandit boots steel 512x512AD bandit black + brown 512x512AD Nite black 512x512AD no mercy black 512x512Soon they will be available in my store in the Zangrid and also in the Kitely Marketplace.


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