Mesh dresses Lora released today. The dress is rigged, it means that it will move along with your body. It is deformer able. With the deformer the mesh follows your body. When you increase or decrease your body shape, the mesh will follow such changes. In Opensim we must wait until there is a viewer supporting this deformer. When the ‘deformer’ gets more popular and there are opensim viewers able to support this, I will deliver to my customers an upgrade of the mesh outfit they have bought from me. Please save a copy of the transaction to a notecard in your Invetory and/or copy in your PC.

Meshes can not be resized. You can resize them when rezzed, but it will go back to the original size when worn. That is why my mesh dresses come in 4 sizes: XS, S, M and L.


Sometimes you can not detach the alpha mask, this bug is also in SL. The only way to take it off is then to relog and try again. Another minor bug it’s that we can only texture a max. of 6 faces of a mesh, which can have 8 sides. That means that sometimes the texture will change. The newest stable version of the opensim software has fixed this, but not all grids run on this version and we will need to wait a little until they upgrade.


Meshes use an alpha mask to hide the avatar body. Dresses, pants, shorts, all those pieces on the lower part of the avatar use the lower alpha mask. Shoes need this one as well. If you are already wearing an alpha mask to hide your feet, when wearing a mesh alpha mask, do not double click to wear or do not use ‘wear’ Instead right click the alpha mask and from the pie menu use ‘add’.

Lora Mesh Dress in Yellow. Released today in Island Oasis.

AD Lora mesh dress yellow

Lora Mesh Dress in Purple. Released today in Island Oasis grid.

AD Lora mesh dress purple


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