Order Products

With the form below you can order any of my products to be delivered to you in the grids you specify. Items ordered through this page, will receive a 10% discount on each grid to a maximum of 40% discount in total.

For example if you order 2 items for grid A, 1 item for Grid B, 2 items for grid C and 3 items for grid D, you will receive 10% price reduction on each item in each grid. Ordered items to a 5th grid are sold to the regular price with no discount.

Because of 3rd party TOS and Licenses given to me, I am not delivering to open grids until there is a system implemented to secure the permissions of the items when using Hypergrid.

You can pay for the products either in each grid or the total amount in one of the grids or in Second Life. To receive the items you ordered, please pay the amount to Isis Ophelia Profile and copy/paste the transaction in the form below. Do not forget to write the name of your avatar in that grid.

Please allow a delivering period of 48 hours to receive your order.

For support and assistance with any of my products, please drop a notecard into my profile in any of the grids, where you received the item(s) giving me as much information over the issue as needed to understand your problem. Thank you.


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